Matt Mullaney

My name is Matt Mullaney; I’m from Livingston, NJ and work at PwC as a senior manager in the personal financial services tax practice. From 2007-2011, I attended the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA (approximately 45 minutes outside of Boston) where I was a member of the Division I Swimming and Diving Team. The second of three siblings to attend Holy Cross, my affiliation with Boston, Worcester, and the greater Massachusetts area spans 16 years from approximately 2002 – 2018. On that note, I am running for the Arredondo Family Foundation in honor of our military and veterans, who risk and dedicate their lives each and every day in defense of the defenseless to ensure we can live in a free country. They deserve better in recognition of their sacrifice, and it is incumbent upon us to ensure they receive the proper care, attention, respect, and treatment once they transition back to civilian life.